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Meet Your Personal Travel Consultants

Dr. Roberta Klein

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A CERTIFIED WELLNESS TRAVEL SPECIALIST, Roberta Klein is also a licensed chiropractor, licensed nutritionist, and a registered dietitian with a passion for incorporating wellness and fitness into travel. With personal and vast travel experience, Roberta Klein, CTA, MCC, ECC has invested more than 20 years in customizing life-changing travel adventures. Her other travel venues of expertise include Rome and Pompeii, Athens, Corinth, Egypt, the Greek islands, and Ephesus.

She holds destination specialties in Israel [Holy Land] , Hawaii, Alaska and European River cruising. 

Her love of the Caribbean also makes her an excellent choice to guide your selection of the perfect island-hopping cruise or wellness spa hotel. At Gifts From Above, we promise hands-on personal attention.


Her varied career has also included owning two Christian bookstores.

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Rebekah Klein

Rebekah Klein also combines multiple careers. She is a Med-Surg nurse with a passion for traveling and after ‘on-the-job training’ allowed her to visit Israel, Paris, Rome, Athens, multiple Greek islands, Ephesus, Turkey; Budapest; Salzburg and Vienna. She has vast experience with both ocean and river cruising, Including the Danube, Rhone and Rhine River. She has fallen in love with everything that comes with travel.


“I love everything about travel because of the countless opportunities it offers. Not only do you get to see beautiful places, but you meet incredible people, discover interesting cultures and enjoy fantastic food. I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to travel; that is why I also enjoy helping our clients find the perfect travel experience and making their dream travel plans come true.

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Gretchen Crecelius

On board with us now is Gretchen Crecelius, a lifelong resident of
Central Florida.
Gretchen graduated from Stetson University with a BA in
accounting and later in life, became a Florida certified teacher
spending most of her classroom time in Christian schools. She is
an avid hiker and walker, and has recently taken up yoga. General
aviation is her passion, she seems to always have an eye in the sky.
Everything changed when a dear friend encouraged her to take a
trip to Croatia. She returned home with a new love in her heart.
A love for a very understated country with an unspoiled pristine
beauty. A country of unique historical value. A country with a
rugged coastline that gives way to a peaceful, dazzling blue sea
dotted with islands. The climate is fairly arid and quite
comfortable. A safe, beautiful and relaxing environment to take in
and explore, learn, grow and recharge. As if this wasn’t enough,
the food is a delicious array of healthy, unprocessed delights
similar to a Mediterranean diet, enhanced by local wines.
The health and wellness journey continued by visiting Israel
where history and science back the validity of the Bible. Gifts
From Above has traditionally utilized the knowledge of well
versed pastors and a seasoned guide who allow the
traveler to experience God’s love and truth. Small group travel
allows individual growth that touches the heart, mind and soul as
you experience first hand God’s undeniable mighty work
concerning His chosen nation. There is no other way to
experience the Bible, the Glory of God and the redeeming and
transforming work of Jesus than by following His footsteps all the
way to the cross. Encounter a love like no other by visiting His
burial and resurrection sites. Your heart will be overwhelmed and
the gratitude felt will move you to tears.

Yes, my friend, Jesus is the son of the Most High God. You are
His chosen. Gladly accept Jesus as your Savior and place Him as
Lord of your life. Continue to study His word, meditate on Him
and commune with Him daily. Make plans for your spiritual
pilgrimage to the Lands of the Bible and walk where Jesus walked.

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How It All Began...

The inspiration for Gifts From Above began in 1987. At the time,

before the Internet took over, the only resources for Christian

product existed in Christian Bookstores. Our "mom & pop" operation

began with one small store in Dallas, PA and soon grew to include a

second store in Dickson City, PA. Designed to serve all denominations

that recognized Jesus Christ as King of Kings and Lord of Lords, it

quickly mushroomed to become 5000 plus square feet at each


With a wide basis of denominations and Pastoral resources, when we

fell in love with the Holy Land pilgrimage experience we soon came to

recognize the value of including travel services in our

ministry. Indeed, during that first trip to Israel (more than 20 years ago)

we saw our Bible study time enhanced as we drew more 'flavor' and 'color'

from God's Word every time we opened the scriptures. All those blessings

came as a result of our having taken a step of faith when (despite some fears

we harbored) we traveled to the Holy Land.  We came home determined to

encourage others to make a Holy Land Pilgrimage.

Our friends and acquaintances were intrigued, but soon reported back."How could they find a trip like the one that had so blessed us and brought the Bible alive as our trip had done?"

Their questions gave us pause. We began to give a lot of thought to those features which we considered essential to the perfect Holy Land tour.

Certainly the itinerary is essential - but the teaching of the guide was also crucial. We believed it was of utmost importance to have not just knowledge of the site and Bible history - but the flavor of the Jewish roots of our faith must also be incorporated.

When we learned that our guide  worked independently, Bobbie went back to college for two more years to attain the necessary education to open a travel agency. After scoring a 99% on her TAP (travel agent proficiency) exam, we began gathering travel partners.

Our goal was to be able to sit down with local pastors and customize their small group itineraries.

..... And Gifts From Above was born.

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why should i use a travel consultant?


  • ASTA Certified Croatian destination specialist

  • IATAN Certified since 2021

  • CLIA Certified Elite Cruise Counselor

  • Galapagos Specialist

  • River Cruises Specialist

  • Ama Waterways Specialist

  • Avalon Waterways Specialist

  • Riviera River Cruises Specialist

  • CTA (Certified Travel Associate)

  • Discovering the Enchantment of Aulani Resort Certification

  • Disneyland Resort Basics Certification

  • Exploring the Walt Disney World Resort Certification

  • Adventures by Disney Certification

  • Discovering Disney Cruise Line Certification

  • Hotel Sales Specialist

  • Master of Adventure

  • ​Certified Cruise Counsellor​

  • National TAP Test Certification

  • Commodore Certificate of Achievement

  • Certified Five Star Travel Partner

  • Master Cruise Counsellor

  • Alaska Destination Specialist

  • Hawai'i Destination Specialist

  • Kaua'i Destination Specialist

  • O'ahu Destination Specialist

  • Maui Nui Destination Specialist

  • Norwegian Cruise Line Master's Degree

  • Viking River Cruises Specialist

  • MSC Cruises Specialist

  • Certified Wellness Travel Specialist

  • RIU Specialist


Books by Bobbie

Love Grafted-In


Hope Grafted-In


Faith Grafted-In


Grace Absolved


Airam's Secret


For more information on her books:

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