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Do You Have a Cruise-A-Tude?


Everyone has a dream vacation.  To date, I've written much about the Caribbean. That's because it is the world's number one cruise destination.  The Caribbean is all about fun and relaxation – a fabulous opportunity for the ever increasing multi-generation family travel that is booming!  Three and even four generations are able to enjoy a week away together with something unforgettable for everyone.  It's also the perfect format for family reunions and weddings.

For many travelers the Caribbean's many offerings are more than enough.

BUT...not all.

My clients (many of which are from church groups) are comprised of folks who LOVE world history and ancient history. For them, the ideal vacation is a Mediterranean cruise.

Why a cruise?  Because it simplifies the travel process and offers multiple destinations at great value. With all meals and staterooms included, the clients unpack only once.  They go to bed at night and wake up refreshed and at an entirely new destination the next morning.

There are wonderful opportunities out of numerous major European cities: Rome, Barcelona, Greece... with countless different cruise lines and ships -- and at prices that are much more reasonable than if staying on land.  Plus, if seeking multiple locations, you avoid all the stress and hassle involved in running from airport to airport. And just a reminder – the official language on the cruise ships is English; there's always someone on hand to help out.

Currently for 2019, March 12th, we are sponsoring (and I am escorting) an 11- Night Greece and Croatia cruise on Royal Caribbean's Jewel of the Seas (roundtrip from Rome) – with ports of call in Messina, Sicily; Valletta, Malta; Mykonos, Greece; Santorini, Greece; Dubrovnik, Croatia and Kotor, Montenegro.  For those who want to visit Rome after, that is already arranged.  We are arranging group travel by train for others to spend a few days in Venice before our customized land tour of Rome and Pompeii begins (dates April 27 – May 4, 2019).   A great way to combine land and sea for the ultimate experience.

We also have a group immediately after our Rome tour which departs May 6, 2019 roundtrip from Barcelona for an 11- Night cruise on the Celebrity Infinity (with ports of call in Valencia, Spain; Alicante, Spain; Gibraltar, United Kingdom; Malaga, Spain; Marseille, France; Nice, France; Florence, Italy and Rome.)

For 2020 we are planning a 7- Night, Three Continent cruise which will sail roundtrip from Athens and include ports of call in Egypt (to allow a visit to the pyramids and Cairo) Ashdod, Israel (to allow a visit to Jerusalem); Cypress; Rhodes; Kusadasi, Turkey (to allow a day trip to Ephesus) and a return to Athens for a full day tour of the city and Acropolis.

Cruising is indeed all about fun – but it can also be about learning and expanding our horizons; about trying new cuisine (the cruise lines often match their cuisine to the locations where we dock) and experiencing new cultures.

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