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Give the gift of wellness travel.

Welcome to Gifts From Above!

We are a travel agency in Shavertown, Pennsylvania and have been customizing exciting and life-changing travel experiences for over 25 years!

Our founder, Dr. Roberta Klein (a licensed chiropractor, licensed nutritionist, and a registered dietitian) has a passion for wellness travel; she specializes in Holy Land and Group Travel; European River Cruises; Alaska and Hawaii. She possesses over 30 different certifications and specialties.

As a team, we are serious about our education because we’re serious about planning fabulous and memorable vacations!

We don't just study about destinations - we visit them and experience them firsthand. We make it a point to know our guides and the tour operators. Gifts From Above never recommends a product unless it delivers both quality and great value. Our goal is to offer the best of the best to YOU -our clients.

We promise hands-on personal attention.

Our goal is to give you a travel experience you will never forget.

If beautiful and historical destinations, hassle-free planning, and specialized itineraries interest you, give us a call!


Health and wellness is now (and has always been) our passion for ourselves and for our clients/patients.  Unless we care for the physical and the spiritual body, we will be of little use to the Kingdom.

Wellness leads to stamina – stamina allows us to finish the race – to “go the distance” -- to be “ready” when called.   Our commitment to wellness must be factored into our daily activities.  This requires self-discipline fostered by a belief that we are indwelt with the Holy Spirit and with a purpose [our body is the temple].

Wellness & fitness are attained by a balance of both work and rest.

The passion for self-care shouldn’t necessarily always require the use of wellness centers and spas – but, truth be told, there will be times when forced to choose which road we will take – that we discover it’s time to “step away” and allow professionals to help “jump start” our path to wellness. 

Depending on individual needs and budgets, there are facilities which specifically cater to physical & mental rejuvenation.  That is called “wellness travel” – and we will work to match each individual with the best facilities for meeting their personal needs.

Wellness travel should connect us with nature; teach us new paths for self-care; build our strength and endurance; provide healthful nutrition options; assist with weight loss or specific health problems, when needed and supply ample opportunities for prayer, meditation, rest and rejuvenation.

However, essentially all travel and vacations (crucial to our wellbeing) can and should be planned to incorporate daily wellness practices.

Gifts From Above Travel exists to help our clients meet these wellness goals.

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